Decision that Van Anraat must pay compensation to victims of chemical attacks in Iraq confirmed

The Appeals Court of The Hague confirmed that the Dutch businessman Frans van Anraat must compensate victims of mustard gas-attacks in Iran and Iraq in the mid-eighties. The Appeals Court held that the appeal that Van Anraat had lodged against the verdict rendered by the District Court of The Hague op 23 April 2013, was unfounded on all counts.  

During the Saddam Hussein-regime, Van Anraat supplied the Iraqi military industry with large quantities of thiodiglycol (‘TDG’).  The Iraqi regime then used that material to produce mustard gas, which was subsequently used in bombs.  The Iraqi regime then used those bombs against civilians in the mid-eighties. The civilians suffered serious, lasting damage (to their health) as a result. Previously, Van Anraat had been irrevocably convicted for his criminal involvement therewith. Lawyer Liesbeth Zegveld subsequently sued Van Anraat in civil court for the damages of victims of those chemical attacks.

Read the verdict here (in Dutch).

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